Yes, that's a picture of the inside lid of my coffee pot. It says, "IMPORTANT - Clean coffeemaker at least once a month. See Instruction Manual. Questions Call 1-800-672-6333.

First of all, the only people that are going to call an 800 number to request assistance in cleaning a coffee pot are probably already cleaning theirs more often than once a month, right?

And, second, what if I only make coffee once a month? Do I still have to clean the pot that often? Or if I have house guests and make more coffee than normal, does that mean I should clean the pot ahead of time? Hmmm, maybe I should call that 800 number to find out. I feel like maybe I need help from a professional.

On a similar note, should a toilet lid have a similar instruction? IMPORTANT - It won't kill you to scrub your skid mark.

And what about the toaster crumb catcher? How often am I supposed to clean that?

I'm not usually one for stereotypes, but I'm finding in life that there are definitely certain types of people.

Coke or Pepsi
Elvis or The Beatles
Boxers or Briefs

You've probably heard those.

But what about the Far Side? Seems to me you either get it or you don't. For me, I get it, and I LOVE it. I received a Far Side daily calendar as a gift this past Christmas, and to be honest I can't remember any of the other gifts I received. This one takes the cake. I can't wait every day to see the next strip. And, yes, I went through and read them all on Christmas day. And, yes, I have a couple of the Gallery books. I've already laughed at these same musings. And I laugh every time.

But they are hilarious. At least to me....and my dad (thanks to Gary Larson, my dad and I have a closer bond than we would without). And I'm happy to say even my four-year old daughter has found some of them funny. Usually she just walks up, looks at the calendar and says something to the effect of, "What are those cows doing, Mommy?"

I love the company of loved ones and friends (sometimes). But where are the manners in society today? What is with people? It just doesn't seem right to me to just stop in at someone's house if they don't know you are coming. To me it is presumptuous and rude.

Granted, it's one thing if it's a one time thing or a long lost friend, but when it happens over and over it's just plain rude. It's not like I have things I need to hide or that I want to have my hair all pretty. It doesn't take much to make a simple phone call beforehand saying, "Hey, I'm gonna be in your neighborhood. Are you busy today? I'd love to stop by if you don't have any other plans." Is that so hard?

Oh, and by the way, knock on the freakin' door, don't just walk in shouting, "HELLOOOOO!!!"


Positive HPT

Well if you've been trying to get pregnant this is quite possibly one of the MOST exciting moments of your life!

I've had the fortune to experience it four times in my life and each time (with some minor variations) it went a little like this:

Held my pee for the entire night (or all day) - seemed like eons.

Opened the home pregnancy test box. Read the directions 14 times. (By my fourth pregnancy I only read it twice.)

Fill the cup. Dip the test.

There's the control line and then the test line begins to appear. Or am I seeing things? No, yes it's a line!


At this point my hands are shaking, and my heart is about to explode.

I wait out the time limit and the line is clear as day. Now to tell my husband!


Now, just stick like glue little baby. Grow, grow, grow.

Well, I'm pregnant and although I'm pretty healthy about my food choices I do have a thing for Coca-Cola. My husband refers to it as my "$1 a day Coke habit". The thing is, although there have been lots of studies and whatnot on the safety of caffeine during pregnancy I just don't like to take chances with my babies (long story short - I had a miscarriage last year. Refer to my Mamabear Blog for the nitty gritty).

So, what is my point here? I bought some Caffeine Free Coke and regular Coke. Then, for fun, I did a blind taste test.

Surprisingly enough it was extremely hard to tell the difference. So, if you find yourself staring at the grocery store shelf contemplating giving up caffeine and not ready to give up the taste, rest assured it's not so bad.

Movie Names

I've been curious lately as to how much work really goes into naming a movie. I know if I were a movie maker or author of a book it would be a dreaded chore.

And why does this come to mind? I have two young girls that, no matter what the name of a movie they come up with their own name to refer to it.

For example:

Ice Age: The Meltdown = Silly Squirrel
Cars = Lightning McQueen
Jungle Book = Mowgli in the Jungle
The Little Mermaid = Ariel
Homeward Bound = Chance Goes Home

All that work and toiling for the producers to come up with the perfect name, only for it to be sidestepped entirely by two little girls.

Boob Tube Faves

Okay, so I'm not really a couch potato. I'd rather spend my hours plucking away at a keyboard or outside doing something.

But there are a few shows that I'm hooked on, and thankfully they seem to be hits so my addiction to them can grow.

And here's the list:

Survivor - Yes, I'll admit it. I can't NOT watch it.

The Office - Let's just say I'm living vicariously through Pam. Oh, and I think I was Michael in a past life.

Deadliest Catch - Give me the Bearing Sea and some of the hardest working folks on earth, throw in a huge King Crab and I'm not moving from my seat.

Big Love - Okay, this one is my husband's fault. He started me in on it, and now I can't get enough. Granted, polygamy isn't my thing, but dang if this doesn't open my eyes to a different lifestyle.

Ace of Cakes - I don't know if it's my sweet tooth, or just that I love the people on the show, but I'm hooked.

Man vs. Wild - Who would have thought that watching a guy survive in situations I'll probably NEVER be in would be fun? Drinking your own pee, eating elephant poop and jumping in stench bogs.... go figure.

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